© Greg E.Mathieson / 2007 MAI Photo News AgencyMAI Photo News Agency maintains daily coverage in Washington's halls of power; accredited to virtually every government agency. If it is a news worthy event in the executive branch, whether the White House or the CIA, a political gathering on Capitol Hill or a regulatory meeting in one of the agencies, MAI has access. From that extraordinary access MAI provides photographic services on assignment for numerous newspaper, magazine and television outlets which are then distributed worldwide through our sub-agencies on a daily basis or sent directly to our contracted clients.

Commercial Still Photography
On the commercial side of the house, our staff provides contracted services to corporate clients and highly skilled photographers work for a number of government entities.  In Pentagon parlance we wear “purple suits”, meaning our loyalty and dedication is strictly with our commercial clients not with the news side of our business. MAI has some of the highest security clearances with some government shops so we offer unique services to those who require discretion and have security sensitive jobs. In addition, MAI is a qualified Disabled Vietnam Era Veteran owned business  and is registered with the CCR, which helps many clients fulfill that requirement under the law.