MAI Photo News Agency Video Services: Hign-end production video for your company in Washington, DC

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The MAI Productions team of Fred Francis and Greg Mathieson has more than 70 years of experience in producing packaged news reports, stand alone video and professional photography for all media outlets. Francis and Mathieson have impeccable reputations within the military and law enforcement community for their work covering wars, humanitarian relief, peace missions, policing actions and training exercises.

MAI now uses those sterling reputations and mature reporting techniques to produce news style videos of products and services to showcase in a novel, eye-catching way.

It is no longer necessary to contract with high end production houses to craft a marketing video of a product or service, using an actor as talent touting it. The MAI method is significantly less expensive and easily more distinctive. MAI uses the same high quality production values as a spot viewed on a network newscast; a combination of shoulder held video and tripod shooting with wireless sound.

In the MAI editing room, the voice track of the script, the fresh video and interviews are combined with situational file footage of the product or service in use or testing. The end result is a report with the look, feel and sound of a packaged news spot.

This is a unique, low cost marketing tool which has the visual authenticity not found in current offerings. MAI delivers in a few weeks and if needed, in days, giving your product or service added credibility with the prospective buyer and end user.