© Greg E.Mathieson / 2007 MAI Photo News AgencyMAI Photo News Agency is a Washington DC area corporation that provides the highest professional quality news coverage of breaking stories and major historical events. MAI has daily coverage of the White House, the United States Congress, the Department of State and other major entities of the national government, including Homeland Security issues. MAI captures our nation's key historical moments which appear on tomorrow's front pages and become a part of America's history.

In addition to that national news coverage MAI, for more than twenty-five years, has specialized in the United States military both here and abroad, in peacetime and on the battlefield. MAI also has a long and distinguished record with our national law enforcement agencies as they seek out internal threats and guard our borders.

As a result of decades of daily coverage, MAI maintains a stock library of over five million quality images, which are distributed worldwide by some of the largest and most prestigious photo stock agencies.

Whether it is royalty or corporate heads, freedom fighters or Queens, Prime Ministers or Presidents, MAI with its related companies is an agency you can count on for current events, commercial assignments, video services and the utmost discretion for your most sensitive needs.