© Greg E.Mathieson / 2007 MAI Photo News AgencyEach assignment and client is different, having diverse needs and usages for the final product; be it publications, marketing, personal use, website, etc.  We welcome working with you on your project and hope that the following gives you a starting point for planning and budgeting. Call us so that we can provide you more detailed bid on your project or assignment.

Categories of items typically billed for:

Average half day* of services – mileage, parking and finished product

Average Full day* of services – mileage, parking and finished product.

Assistant, if needed, half the services rate.

Products:  CD / DVD, edited and corrected

Prints:  8x10, with one-inch white signature border

Prints: various sizes and quantities, quoted

Shipping: at cost

Licensing fees-quoted based on the need of the client.

*Drive time to and from the work site is part of the time calculated into the days services. Example: if drive time were 30 minutes to and from the work site, and additional three hours on site would be considered a full half day of services.