© Greg E.Mathieson / 2007 MAI Photo News AgencyThe wide range and complexity of video production makes it extremely difficult to provide a specific base line for budget planning. But generally, we will quote or bid a project based on length of the finished product, editing and re-editing, tracking of the script and/or sound engineering, graphics and/or animation production, locations, scripting, talent and voice-over work, location expenses and personnel needed.

As an example, a one day shoot of a specific product such as new piece of military equipment in use by company personnel might involve the following: two cameramen, one sound technician and more than a dozen different scenes at a set location. Other services like editing, etc, would be quoted separately.

Travel expenses would be billed separately. Airfare would be coach class up to three hours and business or first class for longer flights. Hotel accommodations would be at a standard business hotel. Meals and other living expenses would be actuality, within reason.

Shooting of simple digital B roll video alone for a project already under-production is priced the same as Still Photography services for both half day and full day rates.