© Greg E.Mathieson / 2007 MAI Photo News AgencyGenerally, most writing assignments involve little in the way of travel or expenses. But should MAI writers have to travel and work at a project or corporate location, after the initial consultation, that would be bill the same as Video Services.

Writing in conjunction with Video Services above usually involves extensive re-writing as the video editing evolves into the finished project. We will take that into account during the bidding process. As an example, the writer will provide a first and second draft as part of the original bid. Any re-writing beyond that will be negotiated at the time of the contract.

Writer for re-crafting of existing print copy: $850 daily or a negotiated quote.

Writer for creating original print copy after a full a collaborative session with the client: $1000 per day or a negotiated quote per project.

Writer for a continuing video project, whether a documentary, commercial or promotional video: $1250 a day with a five day minimum.

Writer for a long term multi-media effort: quoted by the project.

Researcher for any multi-media project: $650 daily or a negotiated quote.