© Greg E.Mathieson / 2007 MAI Photo News AgencyHow much time do you and your corporate colleagues spend on the company's crisis management plan…a contingency strategy…on disaster preparedness, reaction and recovery? When was the last time you got your collective arms around the dark possibility that a black cloud could settle over your company and the media was setting up shop outside your door?

In Pentagon parlance it is called "contingency response" and we at MAI can now address one or all of the questions above for your company.

If you do not have a contingency response plan, we will help you create one. If you have one already, we'll make it better. If you have a mature plan, we have a “Red Team” that can test it, keep it current and executable.

You owe it to your business, your shareholders and your careers to absolutely be able to answer the question, “Are we ready?” If your answer is, “Yeah, sure, we have a plan for that.”, then you need to ask yourself when it was last dusted off and exercised.

So, answer the critical, no nonsense question, “Are we really ready?”

MAI hopes that none of the above calamities ever befall your enterprise. But if one should, you have a very narrow window in which to respond. A contingency response plan is like insurance, you don’t need it until you need it and then you need it BAD.

We offer a complete package or pieces of a plan that will fit neatly and incisively into your current strategy. At the very least, we believe that media training for your key executives is critical to your corporate image. We are prepared at anytime to teach those you designate how to craft a message and deliver it in front of a live camera or a noisy news conference. That offering includes training on news cycles, the needs of different media and how to respond with your own media to negative news. That offering is available with interactive training and live camera drills and can be crafted for one or one hundred of your key managers.